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Prices will drop for hundreds of thousands of Donuts domain names on November 5th and we expect sales to accelerate significantly on that day. Many of you are taking advantage of the Premium Pricing Event now, scouring the inventory and securing their domain names before prices drop and inventory disappears. In order to help you find the names you want, our premium team is excited to share some tricks, tips, and lists to help you get the best names before someone else does. 


Tools to help you easily find the best premium domains


Navigating hundreds of thousands of domain names efficiently can be a challenge. We want to make it easier, so we’ve just released four new lists that expose high value names based on a variety of criteria.
Here are the newly curated lists:  


  • The NXD List:  NXD is an acronym for Non-Existent Domain Traffic. These domains are more likely to have type-in traffic, meaning there may be existing interest from internet users. 


  • SLD (Second-Level Domain) Frequency List: This list exposes Donuts premium domains with the highest SLD registrations across legacy and new gTLDs. In other words, these are the most in-demand keyword SLDs.


  • Lexicological List: The Donuts BI team uses a variety of open source data sets to understand and analyze keyword frequency and correlation. This is a smart method to find strong keyword pairs – from the left to the right of the dot.


  • LL / LLL Rank: We leveraged several open-source data sets (such as The Free Dictionary) to determine how popular or common certain short acronyms are and ranked the top 1000 being lowered in price. 



Don’t forget that we’ve already shared many helpful lists for the pricing event including our top 2500 list, featured list of curated domains, and for serious data geeks the complete Premium.Domains event inventory.


Don’t wait. Secure the best now before they are gone. 


Investors who want to participate by securing domains before the price drop fully takes effect and the competition increases can easily do so with Pre-Order and Pre-Sale options.




Until November 1st, you can pre-order names – at the lower registration and renewal prices – giving yourself the best shot to grab the name on Nov. 5th. has created a landing page and event-specific search tool for you.


Search all the domains available for pre-order now at



The Pre-Sale phase of the pricing event runs until November 4th. You can buy names first come, first served at the current price to ensure you get the name, then look forward to lower renewal prices for life on those domains. 


Browse custom landing pages for pre-sale domains at NameSilo, Dynadot, and Namecheap.
Namecheap has created an event-specific Beast Mode page giving you the opportunity to search for and buy these premium domains in bulk. 


The November pricing event is almost here


The price drop countdown to November 5th is officially on. Plenty of great domain opportunities will still be available after the drop, but to ensure you don’t miss out on ideal domains we recommend you find and secure now the names you want.


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