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With the November 5th price drop coming soon, domain investors are actively using Donuts’ curated inventory lists to find and secure premium domains that make sense for their portfolios before the best domains sell. There are 44 TLD-specific lists which have been very helpful for people with portfolios focused on certain TLDs. See below for the event’s best selling TLDs, a sample of premium domain names sold during the event and some of our favorite domains that are still available. 

We will continue to publish additional lists to help interested buyers navigate the hundreds of thousands of premium names still available. Today, the Donuts’ Business Intelligence Team has released the Top 2500 list, which lists the top 2,500 domains left in Donuts TLDs.  The list was generated using a blend of criteria developed over the years to price the Donuts premium domain portfolio.


Check back frequently for new and more specific lists we’ll publish very soon.

Get the Top 2500 List here.



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