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The .News domain is one of the most used new top-level domain names, outranking major country codes such as .de, .cn, .jp, and .fr. It’s also impressive in that it ranks ahead of seemingly heavyweight domains like .gov, .info, and .edu.


The digital landscape has become home to both legacy news outlets and online news websites, with 44% of consumers in the United States citing an online publication as their main news source. 


It’s not only traditional news providers making the most of this gTLD. Personal sites, local destinations, podcasts, and forward-thinking brands are using .News to promote and grow their businesses. 


The .news gTLD is included in the Premium Pricing Event, with over 1 million gTLDs dropping in price on November 5th. Buyers can secure their ideal .news domains and enjoy lower renewal prices using pre-sales or pre-orders before this date.



A top 100 .News domains ranked by NXD can be downloaded here.


Check out our full curated directory of domains featured in the pricing event including .News


Recently sold .news gTLDs

See below for a small sample of the .News domains that have already sold during the Premium Pricing Event. Many of these websites are still under construction, but we’ve highlighted the potential for each one to grow the awareness of the brands and locations associated with the domain names.


Insane.News – this site isn’t online yet, but we’re interested to see what they’re planning.


Defiance.News – home to the interesting and thought provoking Defiance podcast.


Glamping.News – glamping market in the United States alone is projected to reach a revenue of around $1 billion by 2024


Acronyms and abbreviations


KB.News, TA.News and MC.News


Geld.News – a website in the making for finance, banking and investments.


EM.News – the home of Ed Meier in Germany — for all things related to shoes and shoe care.


Geographic SLD


Klima.News – Klima is the most picturesque fishing village of Milos, situated near Tripiti, on the side of the Gulf of Milos. Klima could also be an abbreviation or brand identifier.


Fulda.News – Fulda is a city in central Germany with a population of 221,000 as at 2017. It used to be a strategic military route on the way to Frankfurt.


Easton.News – “Easton” is used to refer to many towns and cities. Easton is also a small town in Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States. This domain could also be used as a personal website or blog to reflect the name of the creator.


Guinee.News – Guinea (or Guinée in the local French dialect) is a country in West Africa, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. 


Blackburn.News – Blackburn is a not-so-uncommon town or city name throughout the world. Blackburn is also the name of various educational institutes, hospitals, and venues.


Derby.News – The phrase most likely originated from The Derby, a horse race in England, founded by the 12th Earl of Derby in 1780. As early as 1840 “derby” has been used as a noun in English to denote any kind of sporting contest. A local derby is just a sporting contest between local rivals.


Gloucester.News – Gloucester is a city in the west of England, near the Cotswolds rural area. It’s known for the 11th-century Gloucester Cathedral, which has Romanesque and Gothic architecture. It’s also home to the tomb of King Edward II. 


Hutchinson.News – Hutchinson Group is a manufacturer with its headquarters located in Paris, France. It is a subsidiary of Total SA, one of the seven major oil companies in the world.  


Keighley.News – Keighley is a town and civil parish within the City of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Pronounced “Keith-lee”, it’s home to a lovingly restored steam railway and was the chosen location for Pink Floyd’s film The Wall.


Orleans.News – Orleans is located in north-central France, about 69 miles (111 kilometers) southwest of Paris. Joan of Arc famously saved the city from the English siege in 1429, and an annual festival is still held in her honor. – Savona is a port city in Liguria, northwest Italy. Overlooked as a popular tourist destination, it was home to Christopher Columbus and mentioned fondly by him in many of his travel journals.


Scarborough.News – Scarborough is a town in Cumberland County on the southern coast of the U.S. state of Maine. It’s also a famous seaside resort town in England immortalized by the Simon & Garfunkel ballad “Scarborough Fair” in 1966.


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