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The new gTLD launch began in 2013, almost 30 years after the first top-level legacy domains (.com, .org, .net) emerged  in 1984. These new extensions have transformed the domain industry. Now there is a wide range of gTLDs available in the marketplace so that  every business, investor, and entrepreneur has a chance to register relevant domain names reflecting their brand identity in the digital space.


Two versatile gTLDs – .studio and .games –  have high volume registrations and are used to boost growth and visibility for innovative businesses. Many of these great domains will reduce in price on November 5th and are currently available during the Premium Pricing Event where buyers can lock in early on low renewal prices. 



.Studio domains


When you think of the word “studio,” the workroom of photographers, architects, and artists might immediately spring to mind. But the opportunities for the .studio gTLD have a far wider reach than this.


The definition of studio also encompasses:


A place where people go to study or practice dancing, singing, and acting;

A place where film and television productions are filmed;

A company that produces motion pictures, video, and design;

A place where audio recordings are made;

A place where television and radio broadcasts are transmitted from; and

Studio apartments.


If you’re a company or entrepreneur running an existing business, or are planning to open a learning or creative space, the .studio gTLD can build an instant sense of trust with customers. It implies that your website is an established business with a professional approach and multiple people involved (even if there’s only one person behind the scenes).


As well as the above mentioned studio definitions, fitness, tech, beauty businesses and more have the ability to increase their visibility in the market with the .studio gTLD. It’s the perfect opportunity for anybody who wants their learning or creative workspace to have a strong online footprint.


Examples of the .studio gTLD in use: We’ve curated this short list of great .studio domain names that are currently in use to give you some ideas about the variety of ways brands are using .studio to grow their businesses. An indoor cycle studio focused on health, wellbeing, and friendly competition — based in the United States. This .studio gTLD is home to a chatbot development company with offices in the Ukraine, Holland, and the United Kingdom. This premiere yoga and movement studio in Montreal reflects their values of “quality over quantity” with their choice of a .studio gTLD. An advertising, design, and branding agency in Berlin. A video production company based in Singapore, with a focus on creating stories around individuals and their communities. The “vicinity” SLD reflects their geographical and community focus, with the .studio gTLD enhancing their overall brand identity.

Growing opportunities for the .studio gTLD


The uses for .studio are increasing with the rise of tech and digital design companies. In addition, brick and mortar retail stores are giving way to the demand for boutique yoga, pilates, meditation, boxing, barre, crossfit and other fitness-related activities. The physical spaces formerly inhabited by clothing, books, and electronics stores are catering to a new wave of consumers who are “more interested in investing in the shape of their bodies than the clothes that cover them”.


Featured .studio domains in the Donuts pricing event


At the time of publishing, these premium domains were still available in our pre-sale phase:


Check out our curated list of .studio domains featured in the pricing event


Innovative brands and investors are  already taking advantage of our Pre-Sale event and are  snapping up these notable .studio domains:



.Games domains


The global games market is expected to reach $152.1 billion by the end of 2019. This is an increase of 9.6% from the previous year. Mobile gaming, which is the largest segment in the gaming market, will account for 45% of this revenue, with 5G transforming the gaming world as we know it. 


The United States will be leading this upsurge in gaming related spending, overtaking China in this industry, with $44.6 billion in revenue. 


Online games


As the face of modern gaming moves from the legacy hardware of Sega and PlayStation to ubiquitous subscription, app, VR, and global multiplayer networks online, the opportunities for developers, designers, and gaming companies to capitalize on the .games gTLD increases. 


Gaming is no longer about killing time and beating your high score. Modern online gaming is enables you to connect with like minds, meet new people, and share common goals. The games world is changing rapidly, with Facebook and WeChat preparing to launch their own line of games through their social platforms.


Tabletop games


Board games have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. The global market for card, dice, collectible cards, RPG, and classic board games is surging, thanks in part to the growth of digital gaming and top rating television shows such as Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. 


An industry that was once strictly for nerds has become cool — and that means big business. The current analog games market is growing at a rate of 9% and is expected to reach $12 billion in revenue by 2023. 


Tabletop games also beat out their digital counterparts for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with a whopping $165 million raised for game development and release. If you’re a brand looking to create innovative new board games, a .games domain is a great solution to increase your visibility in this growing market.


High-value public .games sales

There have been several public six-figure .games sales, further demonstrating the opportunity in the .games gTLD:


Examples of the .games gTLD in use This is Apple’s gaming network and developer resource center, with a ton of resources around building gaming networks. Home to the Lone Echo VR game for Oculus. Next generation games, powered by the blockchain. Looking for Sonic, Mario, Doom, and all those other great DOS and console games you grew up with? This .games site has you covered. The kid friendly games portal for the PBS Kids TV network.



Available .games gTLDs featured in the Donuts pricing event


At the time of publishing, these premium domains were still available in our pre-sale phase:


Featured .games domains in the Donuts pricing event


Check out our curated list of .games domains featured in the pricing event.


These domains have already been secured by forward-thinking investors and businesses during the pre-sale period of our premium pricing event:

Donuts’ Premium ricing Event is just around the corner. Buying names today – at lower renewal rates – means you won’t miss out when these names disappear when prices drop on November 5th.  our check out the pricing event page to find out more.



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