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On October 7-8, the Donuts team headed to San Francisco for the LAUNCH Scale conference. This is a two-day event designed to give founders actionable insights to scale their companies.


It was a great conference, and we had the opportunity to meet and talk with founders already using Donuts gTLDs to help build their brands.


What’s LAUNCH Scale all about?


The LAUNCH Scale conference is hosted by entrepreneur and angel investor, Jason Calacanis of Founder.University


The focus is on teaching startups how to grow, hire, and use the right tools to increase their traffic and build effective content. It’s a chance for founders to increase their skills, knowledge, and industry connections by spending two days with top-tier Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors.

The speakers are all experts who have hands-on knowledge of growing successful businesses from the ground up. They hail from startups, accelerators, unicorns, and giant tech companies.


In previous years, speakers have included founders, executives, and investors from some of the world’s most innovative startups, such as Twitter, Allbirds, Pinterest, and Calm. The 2019 event was no different, with speakers from the likes of Superhuman, SurveyMonkey, and HelpScout.






Donuts was a featured sponsor and vendor of the event. We had the opportunity to mix with founders from all over the world, and loved seeing brand creators and builders already using our gTLDs in creative ways. 


Founder.University / Angel.University 

Led by the host of LAUNCH Scale, these website URLs read seamlessly from left to right — creating a website name that is also a brand name.


Each website has a specific purpose. The first is for founders who are between launch and Series A funding of their startups, and the second is for individuals interested in becoming professional angel investors.


Donuts gTLDs in Silicon Valley


It’s been exciting to see many industries embracing Donuts new gTLDs, including the start-up world in Silicon Valley. Here are some fun examples of start-ups using descriptive, memorable domain names to represent their digital identity: 



You Are Videos is an innovative platform enabling people to create custom video tributes for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, memorials, and more. 


This brand is making great use of the .delivery gTLD with a name that clearly defines what their business does. A lunch order service that comes straight to your door — with free delivery!


Total Adventure Travel is an experience and adventure based travel site.



This company is “the world’s fastest auto-ordering platform”, with VA Ninjas enabling fast, safe drop shipping transactions for customers who run businesses between eBay and Amazon.



Share Crypto’s mission is to highlight the value of blockchain technology, digital ledger technology, and cryptocurrencies by focusing on real-world applications and its impact on consumers, businesses and governments.



Data 360 is reinventing CRM software and the search engine by adding a proprietary use of big data and AI to help businesses find the perfect customers and employees. They reduce costs of customer and employee acquisition by up to 90% due to the power of big data and AI.



Stripo helps users create professional and responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills.



A gathering of human genius, the most priceless property in the world.



Serendipia Life is a global network of community co-living & coworking. Social living in great cities around the world designed by communities for communities.



Blue Wander Life are on a mission to change the way you discover and experience the world. We are building the world’s first luxury travel platform that matches you directly with award-winning  in-destination travel agencies — providing you with unprecedented access to true local experts who design exquisite, unforgettable experiences that also bring meaningful, positive change in the world.



New Territory Fitness offers remote fitness programs across 5 coaching domains. Fitness, nutrition, recovery, mindfulness, and play. They are the fitness program for the creatives, the remote workers, the nomads, the travelers.



Arkley-Brinc VC provides venture capital for hardware and IoT startups. On top of investing capital, they offer a network that reaches deep into Silicone Valley and the greater Bay region.



Mobile Auto Works provides complete oil changes, waterless car washes, & more for individuals, corporate clients, employers, & fleets, all on-site at your workplace. Currently in San Francisco and Dallas-Fort Worth.



Yada Land believes that everyone knows something. Find + share tips, inspiration, life hacks, and more.



Move money, Automatically. Astra transfers cash between your checking and savings accounts, so you don’t have to.



UMANA believes in backing human beings, creating and redefining wealth for their clients, instead of only managing or preserving it.



Dorian are creating a new social interactive storytelling platform.



Stay Tuned Digital believe content creators are overwhelmed by the number of places and ways to distribute their videos and we want to help. They are an all-in-one distribution platform that empowers video creators to seamlessly optimize, push and measure video across all channels, from one place.



Capta is a blogging platform for data journalism. Write using markdown. Publish from Github. Sharable data and visualizations by default.



Featherstone Solutions operates an In-Home Monitoring & Protection Platform that delivers awareness & protection for homes to Urbanites and their digital lifestyle. we replace all the complexity by simple subscription service where a consumer can use their existing IP Cameras, or get advanced custom hardware for free.



We met the team from Halo Loans. After talking about their business and their mobile app, we showed them that the exact match gTLD for their company was available. 


They immediately secured Halo.Loans and Halo.App for their brand. Like, immediately! Here’s the proof: 




An honorable mention goes to DXC.Technology – we spotted their cool merch out in the wild! 



Notable non-Donuts gTLD mentions


While not Donuts gTLDs, we saw other great examples of companies using creative domain names to increase online brand awareness.


Kaam.Work / Calm.Work

“Addressing the challenge of remote”, Kaam helps companies thrive in the age of remote and distributed workplaces. Specializing in data science roles, their mission is to “seamlessly expand your physical office footprint to be where the talent is” by locating the best people for the job from around the globe.



Through F1D, you can learn about the latest direct-to-consumer brands and designers, their stories, and get frank reviews on fit, product quality, customer service and how they stack up in the sustainability department.



Pet Cloud offers one-on-one support, weekly group counselling sessions, and bereavement cards for those supporting loved ones affected by pet loss.


[We really liked .memorial, .care, and .RIP as further gTLD options for Pet Cloud.. Stay tuned for those] 



With You Help is a platform helping loved ones of people with health issues gift them clothing.


If you’re looking for the perfect domain to showcase your brand online, check out our portfolio at Premium.Domains.



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